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Why Attend a ProgressiveDateTM?
  • Are you single in a married town?

  • Are you wasting a lot of time and money on dead-end dates and the same old bar scene?

  • Don't worry, ProgressiveDatersTM has the answer. ProgressiveDatersTM is changing how singles meet!


    1. You can accomplish more on one ProgressiveDateTM than you could in one year of dating the old-fashion way.

    2. Once you have been on a ProgressiveDateTM, you will only be going on dates where both you and your date have already determined beforehand that you like each other (e.g., "matches"). No more wasted time and money, just fun dates that both of you want to be on.

    3. Everyone at the ProgressiveDateTM is there for the same reason - to meet someone they can date and have a good time with.

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Let's face it, it's not easy being single! Everyone knows that Anyone that is single knows what it is like being single in a "married town". Everyone associated with Progressive DatersTM, Inc., has been single, and we know how frustrating it can be living the "single life". After enduring the bar scene and what seemed like an endless string of 'blind date" disasters, we thought to ourselves…there has to be a better way.
After thinking about what we didn't like about the dating scene, we developed the concept for ProgressiveDatingTM. A ProgressiveDateTM consists of 30 unique dates taking-place in a two-hour period, and is very similar in concept to a Progressive Dinner. At a ProgressiveDateTM, you will, in a short amount of time and with little hassle and expense, meet up to 30 other singles that are also interested in the same thing you are, finding someone to date and have a good time with.
At the end of a ProgressiveDateTM, you will have met up to 30 other singles, determined which ones you would like to "date" again, not have wasted a lot of time and money on dates with people you didn't like, and had a blast. Likewise, 30 other singles, of the opposite sex, will have met and interacted with you. When you and another person both tell us that you had a successful "date," that is a "match." It is then up to you to turn your successful "ProgressiveDatesTM" into countless evenings of fun. And remember, in the unlikely event that you don't have any "matches" at your ProgressiveDateTM, don't be discouraged, just come back to one of our upcoming events, and you will meet another group of 30 like-minded young professionals.
At a ProgressiveDateTM, you will quickly see that what you can accomplish during one ProgressiveDateTM (e.g., meeting up to 30 other single people and deciding which you would like to see again, resulting in 3-5 potential dates or more) would have taken you a year or more to achieve "dating" the old fashion way, and would have cost you a lot more in terms of both time and money. ProgressiveDatersTM, Inc., is making meeting singles  a whole lot easier. Imagine, once you have attended a ProgressiveDateTM, you will only be going out on dates that both you and the other person want to be on. No more wasted time and money, just fun dates!
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