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ProgressiveDatesTM Frequently Asked Questions
Progressive Daters Inc, is here to answer your questions. Below you will find answers to questions regarding our ProgressiveDatesTM. 

If you have a question you can either ask us by submitting in the form at the bottom of this page. 

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Progressive Daters Inc.

Q: I was at the recent gathering in Cleveland (the velvet dog) and had to leave early unexpectedly. Can I mail in my paperwork? Thank you.
A: The best thing to do would be to email us your first name, number, age range you were in, the city you were in, and whom you said yes to, to We will then send your results back to you. Thanks

Q: Please have progressive date parties for the 40 to 55 age group. We need it! Thanks.
A: We do have parties for the 40-55 age range. Our next one is October 23. Thanks

Q: What if i need to leave before the end. Will I be able to turn in my card and be matched with those I have spoken to?
A: If you need to leave early, you will just turn in your Progressive Dating form when you leave, and we will tabulate your results for the dates you had.

Q: When will you come back to the east side?
A: We have centralized our parties in Northeastern Ohio in downtown Cleveland at The Funky Buddha, and in Akron at The Harry Buffalo

Q: Will you ever have parties again at the Winking Lizard in Independence?
A: We have centralized our parties in Northeastern Ohio in downtown Cleveland at The Funky Buddha, and in Akron at The Harry Buffalo.

Q: Can I join witout an e-mail address?
A: Yes. You could register your self for a free email address at, or we can assign you a free hotmail email address the night of the party. It is usually easier if you register for a free email address on your own before the night of the party.

Q: i would like to know what ethic groups are at these parties african american, caucasion, puerto ricans etc
A: We market to all age groups, genders and ethnic backrounds. Our next step is to have parties for specific ethnic backrounds.

Q: Are you offering your concept for franchise or licensing in other states?
A: If you are interested in learning how you can bring Progressive Dating to your area, please send an email to

Q: Does the $35 fee cover the whole evening? And can I feel certain that only my e-mail will be given out? Giving my phone & address makes me a little nervous!
A: Yes, the addmission fee covers your entire Progressive Date. You are on your own for food and drink. The only information we provide is your email when you have a match (e.g., you liked someone and they liked you). We do not give anyone your phone number or address; this is clearly stated in our privacy policy which can be found at

Q: How long does it generally take to get the results from a party?
A: We try to get the results out as soon after a party as possible. However, it could take 48-72 hours. Everyone receives an update email, even if they don't have any matches.

Q: Do you ever hve date parties by designated differences (i.e. Ages 40-55 Christian) (40-55 Metaphysical/NewAge) (40-55 Sports Fanatics) (40-55 Entrupreneurs) etc?
A: So far we have focused on just age specific parties. Our next step is to have parties for specific ethnic backgrounds.

Q: What happened to over 56? No interest from that age group?
A: We try to market to all age groups, but have not had as much success filling the over 50 age group parties. We strive to meet the needs of all singles and plan to have a party for the 50-60 age group, but probably not in the same frequency as some of the others. If you can help spread the word or offer any assistance in marketing, please help us out.

Q: Do people from all areas attend the parties or just from their local area?
A: We typically get people from all over the city's metropolitan area, not just people from the actual 'city' that any particular party is held.

Q: I see you limit the number of men and women who can be signed up at one party. How many men and how many women do you allow to sign up at one party?
A: We confirm 30 men and 30 women for each party and have a waiting list of roughly 10 people in case of no shows.

Q: Is there food being served at these parties? If yes, can you describe--Thanks
A: Unless an event is posted as a "special event," there is no food served at Progressive Dates. The food at special events is heavy appetizers. However, we recommend that you eat before a Progressive Date begins. One way to do this is to eat at the location of the Progressive Date.

Q: Can I attend a Progressive Dating Party if I am not in the posted age range for that party?
A: You must be within the posted age range to participate in a Progressive Date.


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