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Progressive Daters, Inc. has not checked the backgrounds of any of the participating individuals at Progressive Daters, Inc. events. Progressive Daters, Inc. does not guarantee or warrant in any manner the success of the services being offered. Progressive Daters, Inc. has not investigated the backgrounds or identity of any of the participating members and does not warrant the acceptability or compatibility of its participants.

Progressive Daters, Inc. will obtain personal information about each participant, i.e. name, address, occupation, email, etc. The only personal information Progressive Daters, Inc. will divulge of any participating member is his/her first name and email address, when the participating member has specifically directed Progressive Daters, Inc. to do so. Progressive Daters, Inc. will only disclose a participants email address and first name to a second participant when directed to do so by the first participant and when the second participant has also expressed an interest in obtaining the first participant's email address and first name. At all times, the participant has the sole authority and responsibility in determining who is to receive his/her personal information. A participant merely providing their email address and first name to a second participant in no way would obligate the first participant in providing any additional personal information to the second participant or to meeting the second participant again. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to investigate the other participants who are to receive his/her personal information.  If your email includes any portion of your name in it, you may want to consider providing us a different email address that does not include your name.  You can obtain free email addresses at or , or ask us the night of the ProgressiveDateTM  and we will provide you an anonymous email address free of charge.
The participants agree that they have the sole responsibility in divulging personal information to other participants and determining what other participants to meet again. The participants agree that it is his/her sole responsibility to determine the suitable parties in which to divulge their personal information. The participants agree that it is his/her sole responsibility in investigating the participant to whom his/her personal information is/was provided.
The participant agrees to indemnify and hold Progressive Daters, Inc., its subsidiaries, attorneys, affiliates, assignees, officers, agents and other partners and employees harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense, including reasonable attorney's fees relating to or as a result from the use of Progressive Daters, Inc.'s services. By continuing to use this site, and/or attending Progressive Daters, Inc. events, you agree to the above terms and conditions of use of Progressive Daters, Inc.'s services. If the above terms and conditions are not acceptable, then do not continue use of this site and do not attend any Progressive Daters, Inc., events.
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